Cross Street Christian School

New Students
.Application Procedure

All new students are required to submit an application including a $50 application fee.  

The following procedures are followed by all applications received:

Previous School Records submitted with application
  1. Three references (all three must be received before application will be considered)
  2. Teacher and Board interviews parents and student
  3. Entrance evaluation by teacher
  4. Recommendation to School Board
  5. School Board determines acceptance

Application (Printable pdf)
Application in Spanish (Printable pdf)

Birthday Celebration (Printable pdf)
Consent to Treat (Printable pdf)
Health Inventory (Printable pdf)
Internet Use Agreement (Printable pdf)

Upon acceptance more forms will be required to be completed.  A copy of student insurance card, birth certificate, and immunizations is also required.


Tuition Information and Fees
As a Seventh-day Adventist Church, we desire to assist parents who seek to raise their children to know and love God.  Along with Sabbath School, Church and youth clubs, we believe that a Christian education is important for the healthy development of children.  In cooperation with the Indiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the Anderson Church has developed a strong educational program that is carefully supervised, accredited and supplied with trained, professional teachers.
Without any subsidy from the Church, the cost of tuition would be approximately $600 - $700 per month for each student.  In other words, the Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Indiana Conference heavily subsidize the operation of CSCS for all students.  Over 65% of the Church Budget is designated to CSCS each month.
2017-2018 Tuition Rates and Payment
Each Student Registration Fee Monthly Payments
(10 months)
Total for School Year
1st – 8th Grade $300 $450 $4800
Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten $300 $390 $4200
Registration fee of $300 is required for all students.  This fee covers the cost of textbooks, insurance, and computer labs. Registration fee is non-refundable.
 Tuition Payment Options:
1.  Single Yearly Payment – Due August 1st
2.  Two Equal Payments – Payments due on August 1st and January 3rd
3.  10 Monthly Budgeted Payments – Payment due the first of each month
     August through May.

Any student with payments 90 days overdue may be asked to withdraw.  Students paying tuition on a monthly basis must pay both the registration fee and August payment before beginning school.
Additional expenses may be incurred throughout the school year from activities such as field trips, mission trips, music festival, school pictures, meals, etc. Parents will be notified in advance of any such responsibilities.
At the end of the school year a student’s tuition must be paid in full before any records will be released or diploma given.  This includes report cards and the release of records to other schools.